Our Work is Always up to Scratch


One of our cleints (a builder in Perth Northern suburbs) had his site in Iluka WA, that he was just about to hand over to the owner messed up with scratches caused by the window cleaner. The scratches just made the three glass panels of sliding doors look very urgly.

Perth Glass Polish was called in to help remove the scratches and polish up the glass so as to restore its original beauty. Perth Glass Polish technicians have always worked with a driving force of quality delivery, we delivered a quality work that the builder on seeing what we had done could not hesitate to write to us since he was not on site when we were executing our duty. We were greatly motivated by his short email feedback which stated ”……it is looking very good, thank you”

Considering a replacement would have costed him lots of money as the glass itself was expensive, the time it would take for the glass to be delivered on site would have been long, besides the glazier’s labour costs to have it replaced. Perth Glass Polish helped him save both lots of money and time.

Perth Glass Polish values glass and its beauty, we therefore recommend that window cleaners should be those with a vast experience of cleaning glass to avoind glass scratches, however, in case it happens that glass has been scratched, call Perth Glass Polish so that we can have it repaired and its beauty restored.

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