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Perth Glass Polish Services

Corrosion Removal

Corrosion can build but especially in areas close to the ocean like in WA. Our team will ensure your windows shine like new.

Glass and Metal Nano Coating

Elevate the durability and appearance of your glass and metal surfaces with our cutting-edge nano coating. This protective layer not only imparts a sleek, clean finish but also offers enhanced resistance to scratches, stains, and weather elements, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance.

Graffiti Protection

Safeguard your property with our specialized graffiti protection service. Our protective coatings are designed to repel paint and other substances, making graffiti cleanup effortless. Ideal for public spaces and businesses, it’s an investment in maintaining a pristine, welcoming exterior.

Graffiti Removal

Bid farewell to unsightly graffiti with our professional removal service. Our team employs eco-friendly, effective techniques to gently yet thoroughly erase graffiti from various surfaces, restoring them to their original state without damage, perfect for urban settings and public buildings.

Metal Polish

Transform your tarnished metal surfaces with our expert polishing service. We meticulously buff and shine all types of metal, restoring their original luster and brilliance. Ideal for architectural features, sculptures, and decorative elements, our service revives the beauty of metal.

Roller Marks Removal

Eliminate unsightly roller marks with our specialized removal service. We expertly treat glass surfaces to erase all traces of roller wear, restoring a flawless and clear appearance. Ideal for windows, glass partitions, and display units, ensuring they remain immaculate and inviting.

Scratch Removal

Our scratch removal service expertly erases unsightly scratches from glass surfaces. Utilizing advanced techniques, we restore the clarity and integrity of your glass without the need for costly replacements. Perfect for windows, doors, and display units, maintaining their pristine appearance.

Commercial glass and displays

Enhance your business’s presentation with our commercial glass and display services. From storefronts to display cases, we ensure your glass elements are immaculate and striking. Our comprehensive service includes cleaning, repair, and maintenance, making your business shine inside and out.

Rope Access work for high rise buildings

Perth Glass Polish excels in high-rise building upkeep, offering rope access services like window cleaning, scratch removal, painting, and silicone caulking. Our skilled team ensures safety and quality, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining your building’s pristine appearance and structural integrity efficiently.

Perth Glass Polish for Glass Scratch Removal

We are the Glass scratch removal specialists in Perth who can remove all the scratches on your glass panels.  This will help you to save on your total replacement costs and to have your project completed on time.

We repair glass damage including all scratches, corrosion & soap scum, hard/salty water stains, graffiti, angle/weld spatter, roller marks & surface imperfections and have your glass restored to its original beauty. Why replace when we are just a phone call away?

Our team of glass technicians will always be able to advise you of the risks of breakage, distortion, glass strength and the cost-effectiveness before recommending polishing.



Thanks for an excellent job. From now on we will use Glass Polish more often for repairs

Dale Carter

Thank you for your professional and prompt results. I am really happy with the results!

James Nicholls

I was really impressed with the boat nano coating, thank you for all your hard work.

Carl Kempin

Thank you for doing an excellent job of removing all of the graffiti from our window it looks just like new.







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