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Do You Have A Glass Window Or Panel That Has Become Either Scratched, Has Hard/Salty Water Stains, Corrosion, Graffiti Or Angle/Weld Spatter?

Our team of fully trained Glass Technicians will be able to assess the current state of the glass and be able to restore the glass to its former glory. The Perth Glass Polish specialists are able to repair many different types of glass scratch damage. The scope of the damage can be either small or large from a single scratch to damage across multiple panes.

Some of the businesses and places in Duncraig that Perth Glass Polish can offer their glass scratch repair services include, construction sites, public transport vehicles, marine yachts and boats, domestic offices and commercial glass repair as well as windscreen and car glass.

Glass Repair and Restoration on Construction Sites

Perth Glass Polish’s Glass Technicians can provide building contractors a more cost effective method to repairing and restoring damaged glass on construction sites.
Through the use of our polishing techniques for glass scratch repair in Duncraig, our Glass Technicians are able to repair a wide variety of types and amounts of damaged glass. The Glass Technicians are able to work within a limited time frame that may be in place within a construction site. Once complete the damaged glass will be restored to a new like state.

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Public Transport – Trains and Buses Glass scratch repair within Duncraig for Graffiti on buses and trains can be cleaned off and repaired by our Glass Technicians. This provides a more cost effective way of restoring these vehicles glass windows rather than replacing the entire panel. Marine – Yachts and Boats Some of the damage types that can be repaired on boats and yachts include saltwater, chemical cleaning and daily wear and tear. At Perth Glass Polish we ensure to offer a high quality service to restore all glass services from such damage. Along with glass scratch repair in Duncraig, Perth Glass Polish are also able to provide protection services to glass panes by utilising a new technology known as nano coating. This nano coating is an example of chemical nanotechnology which enables surfaces to have both hydrophobic and oleophobic (water and oil fearing) which makes the surface repel water and oil from the material that has had the nano coating applied. Domestic Office and Commercial Glass Repair We can save businesses and private citizen’s in Duncraig thousands by offering an alternative to replacing the entire glass panel of damaged glass by instead restoring the existing glass panel. From graffiti vandalism to cleaning scratches our glass scratch repair techniques can restore the glass to a like new state. Perth Glass Polish also offer the following services:
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The glass scratch repair service provided by Perth Glass Polish specialists can be used by many different services such as individuals, companies and governments departments in Duncraig as a solution to damaged glass. By using the Perth Glass Polish expertise instead of replacing the glass can save thousands of dollars. If you are in Perth view the glass scratch repair in Perth.

Perth Glass Polish Services

Corrosion Removal

Experience the transformation of your corroded glass and metal surfaces with our expert corrosion removal service. Utilizing advanced techniques, we meticulously restore the original shine and clarity, effectively prolonging the life and enhancing the appearance of your valuable assets.

Glass and Metal Nano Coating

Elevate the durability and appearance of your glass and metal surfaces with our cutting-edge nano coating. This protective layer not only imparts a sleek, clean finish but also offers enhanced resistance to scratches, stains, and weather elements, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance.

Graffiti Protection

Safeguard your property with our specialized graffiti protection service. Our protective coatings are designed to repel paint and other substances, making graffiti cleanup effortless. Ideal for public spaces and businesses, it’s an investment in maintaining a pristine, welcoming exterior.

Graffiti Removal

Bid farewell to unsightly graffiti with our professional removal service. Our team employs eco-friendly, effective techniques to gently yet thoroughly erase graffiti from various surfaces, restoring them to their original state without damage, perfect for urban settings and public buildings.

Metal Polish

Transform your tarnished metal surfaces with our expert polishing service. We meticulously buff and shine all types of metal, restoring their original luster and brilliance. Ideal for architectural features, sculptures, and decorative elements, our service revives the beauty of metal.

Roller Marks Removal

Eliminate unsightly roller marks with our specialized removal service. We expertly treat glass surfaces to erase all traces of roller wear, restoring a flawless and clear appearance. Ideal for windows, glass partitions, and display units, ensuring they remain immaculate and inviting.

Scratch Removal

Our scratch removal service expertly erases unsightly scratches from glass surfaces. Utilizing advanced techniques, we restore the clarity and integrity of your glass without the need for costly replacements. Perfect for windows, doors, and display units, maintaining their pristine appearance.

Commercial glass and displays

Enhance your business’s presentation with our commercial glass and display services. From storefronts to display cases, we ensure your glass elements are immaculate and striking. Our comprehensive service includes cleaning, repair, and maintenance, making your business shine inside and out.


Scratched Glass? - Perth Glass Polish repair

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